How To Use a Condom

Condoms go on in that exciting moment right before you fuck someone or get fucked. You may already have an idea of how to put a condom on, but a refresher will make sure you can really get off knowing that you’ve done everything right.

Open the wrapper with your fingers and take out the condom. The tip should be coming up through the ring. Pinch the tip and hold the whole thing right over the head of your cock (or his cock!). Roll your fingers over the ring and down the hard shaft until it’s all the way down. Stroke your cock lightly to make sure it’s on, and then you’re all set to go in.

That’s the idea! When you’ve practiced this a few times (or lots, and lots of times!) you won’t have to think about it too much, but it can also be fun to make a show of putting on the condom as a part of the action.

Here are a few things to think about when using condoms:

  • Keep condoms in a drawer, a cabinet, anywhere cool and dry so they don’t get messed up.
  • If you’re topping, make sure you have the condom on your dick before it touches the other guy’s hole. It should stay on until you’re all done being inside him, and until your skin’s done touching his.
  • You can put a few drops of lube inside the condom to get it on easier, and to increase sensation.
  • Condoms have a little nubby tip at the end. Pinch the air out of that while you roll the condom down over your dick. If you try to roll it on and it’s inside out, use a new condom.
  • If you have a surgically altered cock, the condom should cover your pee-hole to reduce the likelihood of HIV transmission, and cover your skin to reduce the chance of getting or passing along STIs that are transmitted from skin to skin.
  • Condoms can break. Use water or silicone-based lubes to make sure it doesn’t happen.
  • Good sex gets slippery sometimes! Grab the bottom of the condom when you’re pulling out so it doesn’t come off before you’re ready. Pulling out while you’re still hard can help with this. Check that the condom hasn’t broken when you pull out.
  • Once the condom comes off, throw it out. If you’re going back for more, with the same guy or another one, put a new one on. Same goes for groups of guys — if you put a condom in one guy, don’t put it in the other.
  • Don’t use expired condoms! They smell, they’re sticky, and they don’t work. The date should be printed on the wrapper.
  • Don’t unroll the condom before you get it on. They’re made to wrap right over your hard cock or toy.
  • Be cautious with oil-based lubes. They can break latex condoms.
  • Be careful not to rip or tear the condom when you open it — it can happen if you use your teeth, scissors, or anything sharp to open the package. Your fingers or his should do the trick, anyway.
  • Don’t reuse a condom, ever. Once it’s off, throw it away and get a new one.
  • Don’t use two condoms at once. If they rub on each other they can rip or slip off. That goes for external condoms and insertive ones.
  • If you’ve had MPOX (monkeypox), it’s possible that the virus can still be in semen even after symptoms clear, but it’s not known yet if that’s enough to pass it on. You should consider wearing a condom when you have sex for at least 12 weeks after other MPOX symptoms have cleared up. Learn more about MPOX here.

How To Get It In!

If you’re looking to bottom and an insertive (aka internal) condom is part of your plan, here are the tips and tricks to help make sure you’re good to go every time.