Long Description for How to get it on

How to get it on:

If you’re looking to get some action and you’ve decided that condoms are part of that plan, here is the play by play to make sure you’re getting that condom on right every time.

TIP: Check the expiry date of your condom(s) before using them!

1. Gently tear the condom wrapper open making sure you don’t rip the condom.

2. Make sure the condom is right side up, so that it will roll down (away from the tip). You can check using your finger before putting it on your cock.

TIP: Put a bit of lube into the tip of the condom (a couple of drops will do the trick), before you put it on. That will help your cock feel even better inside the condom.

If the condom is going over a toy clean-up will be easier if you don’t lubricate the inside tip.

3. Pinch the tip of the condom to leave a bit of room for your cum.

4. Roll the condom all the way down your shaft, right to the base of your cock.

TIP: If your hook up is into rolling that condom down for you, it can help make the lead up to the action even hotter.

TIP: Add more lube to the outside of the condom. That will make for a much smoother ride.

5. This is when the hot sex happens!

6. Once you’re done, hold the condom at the base when you pull out so the condom doesn’t slip off, or spill.

TIP: If there is cum in the condom, tie up the end of the condom to avoid spilling.

7. Put your used condom in the garbage.

8. Use a new condom for each new guy. If it’s an orgy/ group sex and you’re putting your cock or toys in multiple people. Change condoms between holes.