Part of what makes sex, cruising, hooking up, dating and hanging out as gay dudes so exciting is that there are endless things to try and guys to meet — and all of them are unique!

A lot of us are in a network of guys having sex with each other, whether it’s small and local or across the globe. We all benefit when each of us takes care of our health, and takes care of each other — by getting tested for HIV or other STIs, fighting stigma and nasty attitudes, and talking about what we’re going through.

Everyone experiences sex differently. Some guys are kinky, some guys less so. Some guys have had lots of different kinds of sex with lots of different guys and others don’t. Some guys feel comfortable with getting their ass grabbed at the bar, and some guys would rather be asked before any touching. Some men know lots about HIV and STIs, and others are just learning.

Because of all of these differences, we’ve got to look out for each other and make sure we respect each person’s individual experience. We now know that our mental health is a very important thing when it comes to staying healthy and fighting HIV and other STIs. The way we treat each other affects how we feel about ourselves, and whether we’re making the decisions that are best for us. Being able to trust each other means everybody is better informed about what makes for good sex, healthy decisions and a general feeling of respect and support.

How Can You Do Your Part?

Cruising for sex, dating, and looking for guys to meet up with online can sometimes make us say or do things we wouldn’t expect. Being careful about how we treat each other means we’re less likely to cause harm and more likely to have the sex we’re looking for.

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Having The Talk

What can you say to get the conversation going about sexual health?

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When somebody discloses

When a guy shares sensitive information with you, consider what the effects of your response might be.

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Open relationships and agreements

Are you in or thinking about having an open relationship? Or are you thinking about becoming exclusive? Are you falling in love with someone? There are lots of questions guys might have as they try to make relationship agreements.

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