Long Description for How To Get It In!

If you’re looking to bottom and an insertive (aka internal) condom is part of your plan, here are the tips and tricks to help make sure you’re good to go every time.

Check the condom’s expiry date before using it!

1. Gently tear the insertive condom wrapper open making sure you don’t rip the condom.

2. Take a second to figure out which end is the open side of the condom (bigger
ring) and which end is the closed one (smaller ring).

* The closed side is the end that you’ll be inserting.

Image Text:
open side
closed side

3. Squeeze the smaller inner ring of the condom between your thumb and middle finger.

TIP: Some guys prefer to take out the inner/smaller ring before sex. Others find it makes insertion easier and helps keep the condom from slipping out of their ass. If you’ve tried it before and find the inner ring uncomfortable, you can take it out before putting the condom in.

Using your finger add a bit of lube to the outside of your ass and a bit on the inside.

4. Slowly insert the inner ring into your ass and gently guide it further into yourself with your finger, a toy, or a friend. You can go however deep you are comfortable going. The outer ring stays outside the body.

Lying down on your side can give you more wiggle room to get it in right.

You can insert an internal condom in your ass before any action starts, so when things heat up you’ll be ready.

5. Make sure your partner’s cock or toys are lubed up. You are going to want more lube on the moving part, to avoid having the condom slip off.
Now you’re good to go.

6. Your partner should make sure his cock is going into the condom (and not sliding into your ass outside of it).

Now bring on the action!

Because the internal condom loosely lines the inside of your ass, the guy topping you can really move around and feel the friction on his cock, which feels great for both of you!

Don’t use an external condom with your internal condom, it doesn’t provide added protection, and it increases the likelihood of tearing or breaking.

7. Once you’re done, twist the outer ring of the condom and pull it out slowly. This way, you avoid spillage.

8. Put your used condom in the garbage.

9. Use a new condom for each new guy.

Wearing an internal condom is one way to fuck without worrying about whether the other guy is into putting a condom on.

They’re also thicker and can protect the lining of your ass from tearing, which means you can go longer!

TIP: Internal condoms are also great if you haven’t had time to douche before sex. You can just excuse yourself after you’re done.