All About Lube

Lubricants make things slippery and reduce friction, making it perfect for fucking. It can also make sex easier on your skin and your junk, reducing irritation and pain (and the chance of STI transmission). Flavoured lubes can change up the menu for blowjobs as well.

If you’re using a condom to fuck a guy in the ass, or to get fucked, remember that water-based and silicone-based lube reduce the chance of the condom breaking. There are also oil-based lubes. Each lube has its own special features and drawbacks.

Live. Love. Lube.

Lube makes it easier to put one thing into another, and take it out…and to put it back in over and over again! But not all lubes are the same. Which lube is the best for the sex you want?

Sometimes the same brand of lube will make different kinds — like one that’s silicone based or one that’s water-based, for example — so double check the label to make sure you know what you’re getting.

But how do you use it? Most lube comes in a tube that you can squeeze onto your hand or whatever body part you want to slick up. Others come in a tub or have a pump handle like a soap bottle. J-Lube, which some guys like for fisting or other stuff, starts as a powder that you mix with water to create your own lube — make sure you’re following instructions if you’re making your own.

Water based lubes can dry up quickly, but adding a bit of water will make them slick again. Others, like silicone and oil based lubes, stay wet longer. Silicone lube can be tough to get off, and washes away easiest with soap, water, and a towel.

Lastly, lots of guys will ask, why should I use all of these fancy lubes if I’ve got good ol’ spit? And sure, spit can be slippery, but it doesn’t always last very long. You can add spit to make water-based lube last a little bit longer.