Shapes & Sizes

A condom that feels good can provide a simple way to lower the chance of HIV and some STIs. If you have trouble using condoms every time, having a brand or style that feels better than the rest might make it easier to reach for a condom in the heat of the moment.

With so many condoms to choose from, you might have to try a few different kinds to find the one that’s right for you. Remember, everyone is different, so the condom best for you might be different from the one that your friends or fuck buddies like — though it can be fun to compare notes!

So what are the most important things to think about when picking a condom? For a top, how well does it fit? There is a variety in condom size, thickness and materials between brands.

For both tops and bottoms, sensation can be a big factor in which condom you like best. Lubrication and different condom materials can really impact the feeling of sex.

If a condom doesn’t fit well, it could slip off because it’s too tight or not tight enough, or allow cum to spill out because it’s too loose, creating the possibility of HIV transmission. If a condom is too tight, it could break.

A condom that fits comfortably on your cock is also going to feel and look better than the rest, so try out a couple to find the perfect one.

Different types

There’s so much more than size to choose from! Check out the chart below to learn about colours, flavours, textures and more fun twists on the classic condom.

condom_flavourFlavoured Condoms

Yum! Depending on your taste, you might like using flavoured condoms and lube for oral sex, though they’re not recommended for anal or frontal sex. Normally they’re thinner and don’t come pre-lubed. They’re lots of fun, but some of them can cause yeast infections or other discomfort and irritation.

condom_glowGlow in the Dark Condoms

It glows! Read the package to double check their thickness. Any condom marked “For Novelty Use Only” won’t prevent pregnancy or the transmission of HIV or some STIs.

condom_insertiveInsertive Condoms

Some call it the “female condom”, but anybody can use them. You can put an insertive condom in your front hole (vagina) or ass before fucking. For anal sex, most guys take the ring off the end.
Bonus: They fit all sizes of dicks!

condom_texturedTextured Condoms

It tickles! Or maybe it touches somewhere new. Specially shaped and textured condoms can feel amazing for guys on both ends of the bargain.

condom_ribbedRibbed Condoms

Like textured condoms, ribbed condoms can add some extra vibrations for both partners. Bzzz!

condom_nolubeNon-Lubricated Condoms

Lube can taste funny sometimes. These condoms might make giving head yummier, though you can also add lube for other kinds of sex, if you like. These can be good for folks with sensitivities or preferences with lube.

condom_spermicideCondoms with Spermicidal Lubricant

Added spermicide gives an extra layer of protection against pregnancy. However, spermicide can be harsh on your junk or your skin, and may even increase your chance of getting or passing along STIs.

condom_nonlatexNon-Latex Condoms

Latex allergies suck, and can make most condoms off-limits. Luckily, there are condoms made out of other stuff, like polyurethane or polyisoprene, that work just as well.

condom_warmingWarming Condoms

Some like it hot! If you like ribbed and dotted condoms, these little guys come with the added fun of a warming sensation.


These are made out of animal membranes, and though some people like the sensation, they don’t work very well in preventing HIV and other STIs and only protect against pregnancy. Probably not the best idea for gay or bi guys.


What it sounds like! These are made of a thinner material, but still protect you against HIV and other STIs. Some guys like them because they give a different sensation.