Making decisions about topping and bottoming

Are you topping, bottoming, or both? Your sexual position may affect your decisions about sexual health.

Even though choosing to top or bottom isn’t an effective strategy on its own, when it comes to topping and bottoming, you may ask yourself:Guy laying on bed

  • What other strategies am I combining this with, like condoms, PrEP or undetectable viral load?
  • Which is hotter to me, topping or bottoming?
  • If I’m not using condoms or other strategies, do I feel okay knowing that the chances of HIV transmission are higher?

Deciding to top or bottom as a part of your overall approach to sexual health can be something you do sometimes, or something you plan for in an ongoing way. Or perhaps you already know that you prefer to top or to bottom because one feels better, and so you figure out what strategies you’re going to use based on that.

Check out the pages on combining strategies and looking out for yourself to figure out what might work best for you.