Long Description for Condoms From Top to Bottom

TOP: Between you and me ... I can be a bit quick to cum. Condoms help me slow things down and last a bit longer. That little bit of extra time can help my hook up really get into things more.

BOTTOM: I don’t know about you, but when I see a guy pull out a condom I get excited. I know what he wants ... and when he starts to roll it down his shaft, I get really into it and pucker up.

TOP: Honestly, I’m more interested in PrEP, but right now it isn’t an option for me. Condoms are cheap and easy.

BOTTOM: Even when you’ve cleaned and prepped there is always that little worry. You know what I’m talking about pillow queens. What if he gets something on him? When he’s covered, I’m more chill about it.

TOP: It’s also great option when I’m out crusing the parks or baths and I don’t know a guy’s HIV or STI status.

BOTTOM: Also, lets be real ...when a guy cums in a condom I like that I’m not squirting his load out for days. 

TOP: It only takes a minute or two to roll it on and once the lube is FLOWing I FInd condoms help me glide in and out and make for a much smoother ride for both of us. I’m all for that.

BOTTOM: I like that I can keep condoms on hand, and have one ready to go when I am.

TOP: It’s a way to tell my hook up that I’m looking out for him and that he can just relax with me. 
We all know that when a bottom is extra ready for it and he really backs up into it, it’s gonna be hot.

BOTTOM: For a bottom like me, being relaxed is everything!
When I’m sliding a condom down his cock, I’m also taking care of myself. With less worry, I can just focus on what feels good and things get extra hot!