Transcript for PrEP

What if there was a pill that could help prevent HIV?

PrEP stands for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis. You may have heard this referred to as Truvada. PrEP is a medicine which can be used by HIV-negative guys who want to reduce their changes of acquiring HIV. PrEP can be a good fit for guys who occasionally use, or don't use condoms at all; guys who have HIV-positive partners; or sex workers.

If it's taken daily, PrEP is highly effective at preventing the acquisition of HIV. Once you begin taking PrEP, it takes sometime to become effective. PrEP takes longer to achieve protection in your vagina (about 20 days) than it does in your ass (about 7 days).

HIV works by entering the immune cells and making copies of itself. But PrEP prevents the virus from making copies of itself, limiting your chances of acquiring HIV infection.

Remember that PrEP does not prevent you from acquiring other sexually transmitted infections, so if you want to prevent STIs, combine PrEP with a condom.

PrEP requires a Doctor's prescription and an HIV test to show you're HIV negative. To help make sure PrEP won't be harmful to your body, let your Doctor know if you have any kidney issues or have been diagnosed with Hepatitis B.

PrEP can be expensive, but it is covered by some health insurance plans. Speak with your local ASO or health care provider to find out what is available for you.

If you're neg, PrEP might help you avoid HIV and have the sex you want.

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