Changes in viral load

Taking medication consistently makes the biggest difference in whether viral load becomes and remains undetectable. Sometimes, even while taking your medication, your viral load will increase to detectable but come back down on its own if you get sick, like with the flu or another STI. This is known as a “blip”. Chat displaying Viral Load

You can keep an eye on changes in viral load by getting your HIV blood work done regularly. Small blips do not have an impact on a guy’s likelihood of transmitting HIV, and you should only be concerned if your viral load is detectable over an extended period of time.

The best way to know where you’re at with viral load is to find a doctor you trust so you can talk about treatment and viral load testing. Not all doctors have the same experience with treating HIV and talking about viral load, and some guys find it hard to talk to doctors about HIV for many different reasons. Contact your local HIV/AIDS Service Organization if you’re looking to find a doctor you feel comfortable with.