Reasons to Get on PrEP

Because it works so well, there are lots of things that might lead you to think about PrEP as a way of staying HIV-negative:

  • I’m dating or hooking up with a guy who is HIV-positive
  • I don’t always use condoms
  • I don’t know the HIV status of the guys I’m having sex with
  • I have sex when I’m drunk or high
  • I like to hook up with a lot of guys
  • There are things in my past that make it hard for me to make the decisions I want to when it comes to safe sex
  • Guys pressure me into having sex without condoms
  • I want to take control over my sexual health and PrEP will help me do that
  • Since being sexually assaulted, I’m more anxious about the sex I’m having
  • I’m working as an escort, rentboy, or sex worker

PrEP Checklist:

A simple checklist to figure out if PrEP might be right for you!

If any of these apply to you, PrEP could be a highly effective way of protecting yourself  from HIV just like using condoms or, in an emergency, taking PEP. If you want to, there are a few ways to start the conversation about HIV with your partners. But if you think PrEP is right for you, talk to a doctor!