When to Take PEP

It’s normal to be worried after you have a slip up in bed.

If you’re HIV-negative, think about getting PEP right away if you fucked or got fucked without a condom, or if the condom broke in the middle of the fun. This is especially important if you don’t know your partner’s HIV status, you didn’t talk about it, or you think it’s possible that you’ve been exposed to HIV.Pill bottle

Sometimes guys who believe they are HIV-negative may have recently acquired HIV, and may not be diagnosed. During this period, guys have particularly high viral loads and are more likely to transmit HIV. Take a look at our sero-sorting section to learn more about this.

If you’re an HIV-negative guy, and you find that you’re having sex without condoms and feel worried, make sure you are getting tested regularly and learn about PrEP.

If you’re HIV-positive, knowing about PEP and how guys can access it can help talk through this situation if it arises.

Morning After Moments

Sometimes we feel bad or confused about the sex we’ve had in the moment or morning after it has happened. Conversations that happen after guys have had sex can be scary, especially if you didn’t talk about HIV or sexual health beforehand. You or your sex partners might be worried that somebody’s been exposed to HIV.

There are ways for an HIV-positive guy to help in this conversation, like talking to his sex partners about PEP and his viral load. A doctor can help a guy decide whether PEP is right for this situation.

Read up on HIV transmission & sex, undetectable viral load and the looking out for each other to be better prepared for these hard conversations.