Negotiating Condoms

Using condoms every time isn’t easy for everyone. Also, not everyone uses condoms, or manages to use them every time.

If you want to use condoms, it’s important to talk about it, so that you can make condoms a smoother part of hooking up. Sometimes guys get in the heat of things, and stray from their plan to use condoms. Here’s a few ideas to remember:Condom pack on nightstand

Earlier is better

If you’ve talked about condoms before you take your clothes off, you’ll be able to stay in the moment when it comes time to put it on.

Keep them near

If condoms and lube are in sight, it’s easier for one of you guys to reach over and grab them.

Get into them

Textures, flavours, and colours all make condoms exciting in their own way. Putting a condom on can be its own thrill, because it means something really hot is about to go down. You can even make a little show of it, or ask the other guy to put it on you, if that’s your thing.

Find the condom you love

You don’t have to stick with one kind of condom, but if you find a style that is just perfect for you, keep those ones handy.

If you’re sorting out how to make a plan around using condoms, check out the section on looking out for yourself.