Long Description for You Looking?

Title: “You Looking?”
Comic that shows two guys having a pre-hook up online chat.
Guy 1: Hot pic. Nice tats.

Guy 2: Thanks man. Like yours too.
You’re hot. You looking?

Guy 1: Yeah. Horny?
You’re a top?

Guy 2: Totally horny.
Prefer to top. Bottom from time to time. Depends on the chemistry.

Guy 1:  I'm very versatile. A bit kinky too.

Guy 2: Oh yeah? I can get into bondage, role-play, a bit of S and M.
Spanking and nipple play, that sort of thing.

Guy 1: Woof!
I’m newer to some of that … maybe we leave bondage out.

Guy 2: Works for me.
I like to fuck, suck and get sucked. Lots of body contact.
Really like a good kisser.

Guy 1: Sounds good. I’ve been told I’m a good kisser ;)
Seems like we're on the same page.
I’m undetectable by the way.

Guy 2: That’s cool, I noticed your U+ stat. I’m neg and on PrEP.

Guy 1: I prefer to bareback, you into that?

Guy 2:  I’m into fucking raw. Was just tested for STIs. All good.

Guy 1: I want to host, can you travel?

Guy 2: You don’t look far, I can likely get to you in 30mins.

Guy 1: Fuck yeah, get over here! … Woof!

Comic image: Guy #2 shows up at Guy #1’s house, they both look happy.
Guy 1: Hey come in.
Guy 2: You’re so fuckin’ hot!
Comic image: 2 guys hook up.