Long Description for What’s your routine?

What’s your routine?

I always put “negative” as my status on hook up apps, even though I hadn’t been tested in years.

Then I found myself, dick burning, pants dropped in my doctor’s office. It was chlamydia. My first STI.

I hesitated before, but I figured it was time
to open up to my doctor about my sex life.

I was having sex
lots of it
with lots of guys.

At first, I was nervous talking to my doctor about sex and testing. I was afraid they would judge me, but this one was surprisingly cool.

And they helped me realize there was a lot I didn’t know…

I had no idea having an untreated STI could increase my HIV risk.

I’m an active bottom and I’m not always using condoms,
so my doc recommended rectal swabs for STIs, an HIV test,
and we even talked about PrEP.

I stressed a bit until I got the results.

But now testing for both HIV and STIs
isn’t a big deal, and I go back regularly.

A bit more often if my sex life ramps up (hello hot guys at the gym).

And a bit less if I’m Netflix marathoning alone with a bowl of popcorn (hello comfy track pants).

Now that HIV and STI testing is routine for me, I’m getting the services I need and the sex I want.