HIV treatment works, and today, HIV is widely understood to be medically manageable.

While there is no known cure for HIV, lots of poz guys are taking treatment and enjoying good health. Getting connected to care as early as possible is the best way guys can look after themselves in the long run.

There are many treatment options for people living with HIV, and a doctor will help figure out the best course of action.

The Basics of HIV Treatment

What exactly does “treatment” mean for HIV-positive guys? Why is it important to start early?

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Where to Get HIV Treatment

Getting the right treatment looks different for everybody.

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Viral Load

Getting care for HIV involves getting a regular tests and measurements, including a viral load test.

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HIV Treatments and HIV Prevention

Anti-retrovirals (ARVs) are used by both HIV-negative guys and HIV-positive guys as a way of controlling HIV and reducing HIV transmission.

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